About us

About us

About us: We are a tour operator for hikes to Volcano Acatenango. With personalized tours to the volcano that match all your needs and interests, rest assured that we will take care of the planning so you can relax and enjoy the adventure.

Our organized tours allow travelers to focus completely on the hiking experience. For the overnight hikes, we arrange all camping equipment, meals, private transportation, professional guides, fees and all related to the organization of the excursions. 

Our expeditions are consistently small group adventures, commonly four to twelve travelers per tour. Join a customized hiking expedition that prioritizes quality of experience over all else. Our tours diversification allows you to appreciate the volcano Acatenango exhilarating landscapes in a range of ways.

The experience of seeing prodigious eruptions from an active volcano and our extraordinary local guides have the capability to turn a vacation into an enduring, exciting, and frequently truly life changing experience.

Eruption of Volcano de Fuego above the clouds.
Eruption of Volcano de Fuego above the clouds.

Background of the Volcano

The stratovolcano Acatenango, together with its twin volcano to the south, Volcano de Fuego, overlooks the extraordinary former capital city of Antigua Guatemala. 

It is considered a volcano complex, since over time it has grown various eruptive centres. Acatenango has been dormant since the beginning of the 20th century, making it safe for the traveler to hike. 

Linked to Volcan Acatenango is the acclaimed Volcano de Fuego, which has been erupting since down to the 1500s. Volcan Fuego is aptly titled: in English its name means volcano of fire. Since 2002, its eruptions have been dynamic. The volcano has many small eruptions each day, and each couple of years it has a larger, more troublesome eruption.

Our expeditions are consistently small group adventures, commonly four to twelve travelers per tour. Join a customized hiking expedition that prioritizes quality of experience over all else.

Volcano de Fuego erupting during sunrise.
Volcano de Fuego erupting during sunrise.

From Acatenango, travelers are able to see extraordinary views of the smoke, ash, and lava as it blasts from the crater of Volcano de Fuego. You may have had incredible experiences during your trips, however, seeing a live volcano erupt, feeling the earth convulse, witnessing boiling lava spew into the sky, it’s unlike any experience you will ever have. 

The last major eruption of Volcano de Fuego took place on June 3, 2018. That day a group of larger than ordinary volcanic detonations and pyroclastic flows erupted from the volcano. Local inhabitants living on the slopes of the volcano are used to the activity of the volcano, but this intense activity caught them by surprise. The pyroclastic flows took unfortunately the lives of at least 69 Guatemalans.

About Volcano de Fuego

As its name says: “Fire Volcano”, it is the most active in Central America and one of the most active in the world. It stands 3,763 meters high and is famous for being constantly active at a low level with small eruptions every 15-20 minutes expelling gas and ash. Large eruptions with intense lava formation, tall ash plumes, and dangerous pyroclastic flows are rare.

Because this volcano is practically uncovered of vegetation and covered in lava and volcanic sand, it is not possible or safe to climb it. The Fire Volcano is linked to the Acatenango Volcano and collectively the volcanic complex is known as “The Pitchfork”. This junction provides the unique opportunity to climb the neighboring and safe Acatenango Volcano and observe from there the constant activity of Volcano of Fire.

About our team

They are trained local professionals with 1st Aid training certification. They are experts in the area, since being from the locality, they know closely the history, weather and conditions of this particular volcano.  When you are accompanied by certified and trained guides, you ensure that your adventure runs smoothly why you ensure an unforgettable experience.

Professionals licensed to practice who ensure the safety and comfort of passengers. The vehicles comply with the safety and convenience requirements for tourism transport and legal permits. They are people who, as locals, are knowledgeable and friendly, thus facilitating an exciting and unique experience.

We have the best team working in our office to offer adventurers the best options to an unforgettable and carefree hike. Leave the logistics of your adventure in the hands of our professional and very capable team, our specialty is to create the best experiences when you visit Acatenango Volcano.

The most important thing for us is that you live the experience of your life, so we take care of the planning and details for you.

We ensure that all the equipment is in optimal conditions, from the transport that will take you to and from the slopes of the volcano, to the tents for camping at high altitude, sleeping bags and pads.

In this way you can concentrate on the exciting experience of climbing a sleeping volcano and observe next to it, an active volcano spitting fire all the time.

About Guatemala

Some believed that its name came from a Mayan word, which describes the volcano near the ancient capital city, the “Mountain that vomits water.”   This beautiful country is the largest in Central America and known as “The eternal spring country” due to its burst flora and fauna and its wonderful weather all year round. Its official language is Spanish and is the most used throughout the country, there are also 21 indigenous communities in the country and each one still uses their own language commonly till today.

A mountainous country, there are approximately 288 volcanoes or structures of volcanic origin. Of these, only 8 have been active in historical times and 3 are the most active today.  Most of these volcanoes are located near the Pacific Ocean.

Guatemala is famous for its volcanoes, here volcanoes are a common sight, it boasts the tallest in Central America, Tajumulco with 4,203 meters above sea level, and is also home to the volcano ringed Lake Atitlan, the deepest lake in Central America. In short, if volcanoes are your thing, Guatemala is the place to visit.

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