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Volcano Acatenango

Hike to the summit of Acatenango and watch Fuego erupt from a safe distance!

Volcano Acatenango, a fascinating experience

Search no further, our Volcano Acatenango hikes are the best that Guatemala has to offer to adrenaline-junkies.  During our expeditions to the uppermost of Volcano Acatenango, every adventure-seeker will take the most staggering views.  Although hiking this volcano is hard for even the most seasoned climbers, being able to camp on the top to take in astonishing nightfall views of flowing lava is certainly worth it.

Ready to join a Volcano Acatenango hike?

Conquering the top of the third highest volcano in all of Central America is a stunning experience. Even though Volcano Acatenango is a calm sleeping colossus, its neighbor is one of the most active volcanoes in Guatemala, Volcano de Fuego – Fire volcano -, making this trek a real adventure. 

Guatemala offers countless beautiful places to visit, but trekking to the summit of Acatenango Volcano and observing the sunset and the sunrise is unquestionably the highest spot of a Guatemala adventure.  Sitting around a campfire and foreseeing lava flowing from Volcano Fuego is undoubtedly captivating. The sore legs the next day are surely worth the breathtaking views and unique experience you’ll live when you take our overnight Hike & Camp to Volcano Acatenango. 

Come to Guatemala and discover for yourself why exploring its highest peaks are such an exceptional adventure.

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