Volcano Acatenango Tours

Overnight hikes

Our Acatenango Volcano overnight expedition is the best plan to experience the volcano as it allows climbers to take in astonishing nightfall views of flowing lava. Although hard for even the most seasoned hiker, search no further than this hike to have the best that Guatemala has to offer to adrenaline-junkies and adventure-seekers.

Hiking Volcano Acatenango, Guatemala.

Day hikes

Volcan Acatenango lies precisely next to Volcan Fuego, which in average erupts every fifteen minutes. It may be one of the hardest hikes of your life, but also one of the most unbelievable things you will ever see. You will be in disbelief as you watch the lava explode into the sky and rush down the sides of the neighboring Volcano de Fuego.

Volcano de Fuego erupting, view from Volcano Acatenango.
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