Volcano acatenango

Day Hike

Hike to the summit of Acatenango and watch Fuego erupt from a safe distance!

Day hike

Volcano Acatenango

An astonishing view from a volcano with a landscape of even more volcanoes. A walk through various ecosystems upwards. It doesn’t get more extraordinary than conquering Acatenango. It is for a reason that the volcano hike is noted as a must-do in Guatemala. It is not only the imposing view from the summit, but also the fascinating hike. In approximately six hours you will climb from the foot through four ecosystems to the top. Virtually, every hour you will hike through an entirely different habitat with contrasting views. Nevertheless, it is all equitably delightful.

Volcano de Fuego erupting during sunrise.

Itinerary | day hike

Your professional guide will take you on a roughly six hour ascend, going through cornfields and a cloud forest before embracing the ashy volcanic scenery. Acatenango is dormant but grants unimaginable views of its neighboring alive volcano. Savor a picnic at the summit before going down.

Our guide will pick you up at 5:00am from your hotel. Then, we will drive for approximately one hour to the village of ‘La Soledad’ where you will start hiking. 

You will have a professional guide with extensive experience in climbing volcanoes and education about nature, history, and culture . All along the first portion of the hike, you will walk by fields of corn and other crops infused with cloud forests. The closer you get to the top, the more volcanic ash and rubble will become.  The total escalate will take approximately six hours. 

Even though Acatenango volcano is not active, you will have inconceivable views of Volcano de Fuego, and its eruptions from a safe distance. Close to the summit, you will have good opportunities to see smoke, ash, and even lava coming out of Volcano de Fuego… a fascinating experience which will mark your trip in Guatemala.  

After your picnic-style lunch, and some relaxing time we will head back down to the village where our transportation will be waiting to take you back to your hotel.  

The duration of the trip including driving time will be approximately twelve hours. This is a challenging hike, for this reason you should be in good physical condition. 

Price per person from $60

Expenses included:

  1. Private transportation, door to door service 
  2. Bilingual certified guide
  3. Entrance fee
  4. Picnic-style lunch

Trip information

Included in the price
Not included (what you need to bring)
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